Build Week 6

The sixth and final week of the 2011 FRC build season has come and gone. Over the past week, our team has worked incredibly hard to finish the robot before competition. However, we ran into some difficulty with our arm. We hope to get it working before the robot has to be bagged up. Otherwise, […]

The 2011 Drive Team

Drive Team Tryouts Results

On Tuesday, Team 501 held tryouts for the 2011 drive team. It was very entertaining to watch and good practice for all team members. The 2011 chassis was not entirely ready yet, so the team used the 2009 chassis for the tryouts. Both the 2009 and 2011 chassis have similar drive trains, so the experience […]

Build Week 5

Week 5 is just about gone! This past week, our team has made massive strides in completing the 2011 chassis. The build team received the motors and transmissions for the arm assembly. They also received the cRio for 2011. With the new parts, the build completed 90% of the arm assembly and has a few […]

Build Week 4

Week 4 is now behind us! The 2011 chassis is looking good and we are right on schedule. The build team is in the beginning of building the arm assembly and the rest of the chassis is looking good. Our robot is starting to come together. We are still waiting on motors and transmissions for […]

Build Week 3

During the third week of build, our team has worked hard to complete the 2011 chassis and the minibot. Our chassis is almost complete and we are making good progress on the minibot daily. While the build team is hard at work on the chassis, the programming team is developing this year’s code to run […]

Logomotion 2011

The 2011 game “LOGO MOTION” is played on a 27’x 54’ field.  The field has 2 sets of 9 pegs on both sides of the field.  The red and blue alliances’ targets are the group of pegs that are right in front of their driving stations. The goal is to place tubes in the shapes […]

Kickoff 2011

Kickoff was a blast! We had a lot of fun. We did not realize that the web broadcast was not starting untill 10:30 so while we were waiting, we got a tour of PSNH. Their building is so nice! It looks amazing and has a bit of history. We got to go through the offices […]

GHS Vex Update

The Vex program taking place this year at Goffstown High School has been going well. Every Tuesday the students meet and build small robots. Just recently, the students have completed their second robot and have had a great time building it. Students have also enjoyed the food, especially pizza. This is great practice for the […]