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Granite State Regional Results

After two days of fierce Robotics Matches, Team 501 had made it into the Semi-Finals! We lasted for a few matches, but were ultimately knocked out. The Drive Team put up a very good fight despite the bugs still present in the robot. Our driver, Nicole Lyle, balanced on the ramp with near 100% consistency! […]

Thursday’s Winter Wonderland

The day started out with getting the supplies and the robot ready. Once everything was set for them to work they started work to put on the shooter and the bumpers. We missed two practice rounds at the beginning of the day. As safety captain, I was in the pit during our matches, cleaning and […]

Build Weeks 3, 4, and 5

As build season winds down, Team 501 is hard at work completing our robot. Over the last two weeks, the main chassis continued to make great progress as well as the test robot. During Week 3, basic driving tryouts were held using our test robot. Students were challenged to navigate our test robot around an […]

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Build Weeks 1 and 2

After kickoff everything becomes crazy and everyone is constantly running around with their heads cut off.   The team has held many brain storming sessions and had an awesome rules reading party.  There have also been various other meetings to starting thinking about how we are going to get the robot to other competitions and how […]

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Brainstorming started off with us splitting up into small groups and going into individual conference rooms to read the rules. Once we read the rules we came together to start our brainstorming as a group. The group started going over what we wanted the bot to do. Some designs came out in today’s brainstorming session but we tried […]