Programming 2013

This year, we started programming right after kickoff. Our team had a fairly large programming team consisting of the following people: Matt Arroyo, Dale Keith, Sam Lewin, Liz Maurais, Cody Paquette, and Jacob Tilton. While waiting for the CADD model and the prototype, we began lessons in Java and object oriented programming, led by our […]


This past weekend, Team 501 participated in our second ever “Bowlathon” fundraiser at Merrimack Ten Pin. We had a fantastic turn out, with 39 bowlers coming out to support us. The event was equally successful at the 50/50 raffle table, where not only did we sell tickets, but also spread the word of FIRST and […]


Brainstorming is fun! A bunch of crazy ideas are always fun. We are back at our kickoff location and we all had homework last night and it was to come up with some designs for the robot. Some of these ideas are really unique. Some of these ideas seem to be really cool. We have […]

Margaritas Fundraiser

Earlier this month, our team participated in a fundraiser and Margaritas exican Restaurant on Elm Street. We distributed handbills in the weeks leading up to the fundraiser and we were amazed with the incredible turnout. Both students and staff from Goffstown High School, as well as employees from our corporate sponsors came out to support […]

Christmas Parade

The Christmas Parade was a lot of fun this year. Even though not that many team members showed up, the team managed to stay warm and stay in the Christmas spirit with hot chocolate. For the first time, Team 501 had a trailer that we were able to put two robots on. There was even […]

Upcoming Events

Despite the 2012 competition season coming to an end, students on Team 501 know that an FRC season never really ends. We have planned to attend several upcoming local competitions. This year, our team plans to attend the 13th annual BattleCry Robotics Competition at WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute). The event will take place on May […]