The Christmas Parade was a lot of fun this year. Even though not that many team members showed up, the team managed to stay warm and stay in the Christmas spirit with hot chocolate. For the first time, Team 501 had a trailer that we were able to put two robots on. There was even enough room for all the team members and mentors to stand on it too. However, the team wasn’t able to stand on the trailer due to the slipperiness of the snow that had accumulated on it. The team was also unable to turn the robots on because it was still snowing when the parade started. Besides the bad weather, the team was still able to hand out candy canes to everyone on the side. These candy canes weren’t just ordinary candy canes though. This year Team 501bought 501 big candy canes that were decorated with ribbons that said team name and included our website. It was a lot of work, but it was worth seeing all the smiling/ surprised/ excited faces. The team soon ran out of these candy canes and had to settle with passing out the small candy canes that we brought as back ups. In all, the team had a great time giving back to the community that has helped us get this far.