Team Safety is important at Competition or at Build. To stay safe, there is usually a little animation put on by a team at competition and at Kick Off. Usually the animation says something along the lines of the following:

  • Gracious Professionalism.
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings EVERYWHERE.
  • Keep work area clean EVERYWHERE.
  • Clean up your mess before you leave EVERYWHERE.
  • Wear safety glasses in the pit or workshop.
  • No running in the pit or workshop.
  • No drinks in the pit or workshop.
  • Always wear closed toe shoes and gloves in the pit or workshop.
  • Work as a team to lift heavy objects.
  • Never work with live wires.
  • ALWAYS use the correct tool for the job.
  • Use the buddy system.
  • Most importantly, Have Fun!

Electrical Safety Tips Courtesy of Team 1517

  • Do not mix water and electricity. There will be shocking results.
  • Never link more than 1 extension cord to an outlet.
  • ALWAYS turn off any power before you start working on any wires, even if they feel safe.
  • ALWAYS replace frayed wires IMMEDIATELY!!!!!
  • Make sure the battery terminals are properly tightened.
  • Make sure that the wires aren’t blocking anyone’s way and are not a trip hazard.
  • Never experiment with electricity.
  • Always keep a battery spill kit on hand.


Click here to download the official FRC Safety Manual.

Below is the winning 2012 FIRST Safety Animation created by Team #3705

[tubepress video=”Bpsl2FRb2MA”]