Q: What is FIRST?

A: FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is a series of robotics programs designed to help K-12 students become interested in science and technology. Students learn teamwork, leadership, competition skills, as well as how to build a robot. FIRST promotes collaboration, teamwork, Coopertition™ and Gracious Professionalism. Learn more about FIRST on FIRST’s official Website

Q: What is FRC?

A: FRC or FIRST Robotics Competition is the original FIRST program designed for high school students to become interested in science and technology. Students in FRC learn how to program, build, test, and compete with a robot built for a specific challenge each year. Students also learn core skills such as: teamwork, leadership, and good sportsmanship. FRC students can also learn how to build websites or learn programming skills. Learn more about FRC at FIRST’s official FRC page.

Q: Does FIRST offer college scholarships?

A: Yes. FIRST offers over 18 million dollars in college scholarships each year. Find out more about FIRST Scholarships, including how to qualify, by clicking here.

Q: How did Team 501 get the name “PowerKnights?”

A: Manchester High School West’s mascot is the Blue Knight and we tied that together with our major sponsor Burndy, which manufactures products for the electrical power industry. Our team was once Team 146 and we were called “Blue Lightning.” Check out our Team History page for more information.

Q: What areas of FIRST does Team 501 participate in?

A: Team 501 participates in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC).

Q: How long do you have to build an FRC robot and when does the build season begin?

A: 6 weeks. The build season begins at kickoff, the first Saturday of January.

Q: How do I join Team 501?

A: Send an email to info@powerknights.com to find out!