UNH District Event – DISTRICT WINNERS!!!

For the first time since 2007, Team 501 The Powerknights have brought home a Winner’s Banner. We ended qualification matches ranked 33 out of 40. The qualification ranking system severely undervalued our team. Along with the 9th seed and 30th seed, we formed the 6th alliance and advanced through the quarterfinals and the semifinals. The […]

Ultimate Pi Day

Our team celebrated Ultimate Pi Day in a way that only a FIRST Team could. We ate many different types of pie, had a Pi reciting contest, a pie eating contest and as a fundraiser for local charity, we had a mentor (and Senior) pie-ing! Congratulations to Cody on his recitation of NINETY ONE digits […]

Build Season 2015 Update #1

Brainstorming is going well so far! A massive “thank you” to Dyn and all our parents for hosting us and for feeding us 16 tons of sugar! 🙂 Recycle Rush is turning out to be a very interesting challenge. Our team is really getting into it. Totes and Barrels and Noodles! Oh my!

Texas Roadhouse Fundraiser

Come support Team 501 at the Texas Roadhouse on December 29th! Our team will be at the Roadhouse between 4 and 10 pm. We’ll have live robots on display, and we will be holding a 50/50 raffle on-site. With the attached coupon, 10% of your total bill will go directly to our team! Texas Roadhouse Coupon […]

Team Forms

Team Forms if not already complete MUST be completed by the end of the day Saturday, January 3rd at Kickoff. If your forms are not done by Saturday evening before we leave Kickoff Day One, you will NOT be able to participate afterwards until they are completed.