As the 2012 build season came to a close, our team reached several milestones and finished strong. Last Saturday,our team had our 2012 robot driving on our test carpet. This allowed the drive team to practice with the robot and also gave us a chance to discover any problems. Our team spent Sunday, Monday, and part of Tuesday refining and perfecting the robot and the software that runs on it. Over the next several days leading up to the Granite State Regional, our team plans to produce spirit items, practice driving with our test robot, work on robot software, and test the software on our test robot. Our team also plans to refine the 2012 robot shooting mechanism (which we removed before bagging the robot). The shooting mechanism will be attached to our test robot for use during this week and then be reattached to our current robot on the practice day (Thursday) of the Granite State Regional.

2012 Robot - Hot Shot

Our 2012 Robot - "Hot Shot"

Speaking of the Granite State Regional, we have a downloadable invitation for all visitors available here. If you or someone you know can’t make it to the regional but still wants to follow the action, you can follow our live blog (which we will be conducting for the second year in a row) throughout the day on Friday, March 2nd and Saturday, March 3rd. To access the live blog starting Wednesday February 29th, just go to our home page and click on the link. We hope you’ll join us then.

Good luck to all teams during the competitions. A video is posted below showing a taste of our 2012 robot. Enjoy and we look forward to seeing everyone at the competitions. Only 4 days until Granite State Regional!


[tubepress video=”9PcCrBeMphk”]