Week 5 is just about gone! This past week, our team has made massive strides in completing the 2011 chassis. The build team received the motors and transmissions for the arm assembly. They also received the cRio for 2011. With the new parts, the build completed 90% of the arm assembly and has a few wires to add and adjust before the arm is fully functional! ┬áThe programming team was able to complete the majority of tele-operated mode and reworked the autonomous mode sensors using the test robot (2009 chassis – Slebotnick). Later in the week, the programming team was able to put together the beginnings of a custom dashboard display. This allows the driver and operator to see vital information, such as the current gear, when driving the robot at competition. On Saturday, the 2011 robot was complete enough that the programmers could run code on it for the first time. The programming team tested the dashboard, servos, potentiometer, and more. At the end of the night on Saturday, the build team had finished the arm’s shoulder wiring and was ready to put the arm back on the chassis. With a few more tweaks, the arm should be fully functional. Our robot should be done within a few days and it’s a good thing, considering we are holding drive team tryouts on Tuesday.

10 days until ship date (1 week of build season left)

Go Team 501!