Week 4 is now behind us! The 2011 chassis is looking good and we are right on schedule. The build team is in the beginning of building the arm assembly and the rest of the chassis is looking good. Our robot is starting to come together. We are still waiting on motors and transmissions for the arm to come in and the 2011 cRio has not yet arrived. Hopefully, those parts will arrive mid next week. The minibot team has also been working hard on the minibot and it is well underway. It will hopefully be climbing the pole soon. Having an effective minibot will help us compete in the end game. Finally, the programming team was able to get Slebotnick, our 2009 chassis and test robot, to follow the tracking tape with accuracy and speed. This is the beginning step to getting our team to compete effectively and score points in autonomous mode. Finally, the spirit committee met recently to discuss this year’s buttons and competition giveaways. They hope to have something finalized soon. Going into Week 5, the build team hopes to have the arm completed soon. The programming team hopes to have tele-operated mode completed and further perfect Autonomous mode on our test chassis.

15 days until Ship Date!

Go Team 501!