The 2011 game “LOGO MOTION” is played on a 27’x 54’ field.  The field has 2 sets of 9 pegs on both sides of the field.  The red and blue alliances’ targets are the group of pegs that are right in front of their driving stations. The goal is to place tubes in the shapes of triangles, squares and circles on these pegs to score points.  The top row of pegs counts for 3 points per tube on that row; the middle row counts for 2 points and the bottom row counts for 1 point.  For autonomous mode, each robot is given an ubertube to start the match and then each robot is allowed to try to put its ubertube on the pegs before the autonomous mode ends.  If an ubertube is placed on the top row then it doubles the points, which means it would be 6 points instead of 3 points.  The second row would double from 2 points to 4 points, and the bottom row would double from 1 point to 2 points.