The sixth and final week of the 2011 FRC build season has come and gone. Over the past week, our team has worked incredibly hard to finish the robot before competition. However, we ran into some difficulty with our arm. We hope to get it working before the robot has to be bagged up. Otherwise, we will make necessary adjustments over the next few days and mount the arm during the practice day at the Verizon. The programming team was able to work out a few kinks with our robot code that should greatly help us at the competition. To finish off the build season, the spirit committee will be meeting soon to address competition giveaways. We are all excited about the regionals and a great competition.

Team 501 will be participating in the BAE Granite State Regional on March 3-5 in Manchester, NH and the Hartford Regional on March 30-April 1 in Hartford, CT. Come out and cheer us on! Team 501 will also be live-blogging from both regional competitions, so come back to our website in early March to see what is going on at the regionals.

8 days until the Granite State Regional.

Go Team 501!