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Live from Boston Regional!

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Kickoff 2013

So Kickoff went smoothly today. Unfortunately there was a problem with NASA TV, and we missed the live view of the game, but we went to Youtube and saw the game and we got the Game¬†Manuel¬†from the FIRST Website. We are all really excited for this years game. We have started brainstorming and will be …

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River Rage 16 Live Blog

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The Year Has Begun

The 2012-2013 school has kicked off and so has Team 501! We held a recruitment meeting on September 20th and we will be holding our first official meeting this coming Thursday. This is going to be an exciting year for our team. While build season is still a few months away, our team has numerous …

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Upcoming Events

Despite the 2012 competition season coming to an end, students on Team 501 know that an FRC season never really ends. We have planned to attend several upcoming local competitions. This year, our team plans to attend the 13th annual BattleCry Robotics Competition at WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute). The event will take place on May …

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Granite State Regional Results

Rebound Rumble Logo

After two days of fierce Robotics Matches, Team 501 had made it into the Semi-Finals! We lasted for a few matches, but were ultimately knocked out. The Drive Team put up a very good fight despite the bugs still present in the robot. Our driver, Nicole Lyle, balanced on the ramp with near 100% consistency! …

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Granite State Regional Live Blog

Rebound Rumble Logo

Welcome to our live blog for the 2012 Granite State Regional! Blogging will start on Friday, March 1st 2012. Click here to follow the action!

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Build Week 6 and Ship Date

2012 Robot - Hot Shot

As the 2012 build season came to a close, our team reached several milestones and finished strong. Last Saturday,our team had our 2012 robot driving on our test carpet. This allowed the drive team to practice with the robot and also gave us a chance to discover any problems. Our team spent Sunday, Monday, and …

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2012 Drive Team Tryout Results

2012 Drive Team

On Friday night, Team 501 held tryouts for the 2012 robot drive team. A carpet was laid on the floor to simulate a surface that is similar to the actual FIRST field. The carpet featured a “penalty zone” and several objects that the students had to lightly come in contact with. This helped drivers learn …

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Build Weeks 3, 4, and 5

As build season winds down, Team 501 is hard at work completing our robot. Over the last two weeks, the main chassis continued to make great progress as well as the test robot. During Week 3, basic driving tryouts were held using our test robot. Students were challenged to navigate our test robot around an …

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