This month’s meeting with be at GHS, as Dyn was unable to accommodate us … GHS is located at 27 Wallace Road, Goffstown, NH 03045. The driveway is one way around the front of the school. When you turn in off Wallace Road, park right in that end of the parking lot, and go in through the set of doors at that end of the building. We right at the top of the stairs on the second floor. Someone will be at the door to let you in and direct you to the location.

Our monthly meeting coincides with FIRST releasing the first of this year’s game hints. (For those of you new to FIRST, this is when they release really obscure hints as to what the game will be.) However, this year they are going to have a video hint streamed at 9:00, so we will have a Game Hint Watching Party from 9:00 to NLT 9:30 if you can stay later than 9:00. After we watch the hint, we will try to figure out what it means.

Remember parents are invited and encouraged to attend (especially with RiverRage signups) … And everyone should have been trying to find a friend or classmate to bring that they think might be interested in joining the team.