Welcome to the 2011 Northeast Utilities FIRST Connecticut Regional. Follow all the action here March 31-April 2nd.

April 2nd 4:51 PM: Team 501 did not win any awards. The regional is over. Our record for the competition is 5-5. Thank you to everyone who followed along over the past three days. Hope everyone will join us next year. Go Team 501!

April 2nd 11:41 AM: Click here to watch the Match 88 video.

April 2nd 11:17 AM: All robots are being re-inspected before alliance selections, which won’t happen for another hour. Stay tuned!

April 2nd 11:08 AM: Match 88 Results Red Alliance Wins: 46-39! We did not hang any tubes or deploy our minibot, but our alliance partners deployed minibots and we survived a series of penalties to win our last qualification match of the regional. Our record is 5-5. Our final ranking will be determined after Match 97 (final qualification match).

April 2nd 10:57 AM: Match 88 is next. We will be on the red alliance. This is our last qualification match of the regional. Stay tuned for results.

April 2nd 10:50 AM: Click here to watch the Match 82 video.

April 2nd 10:50 AM: Click here to watch the Match 77 video.

April 2nd 10:27 AM: Match 82 Result Blue Alliance Wins: 103-30. Our alliance just wasn’t strong enough in this match and our minibot as well as autonomous still didn’t work. Our record is 4-5. Our final qualification round is Match 88. Video to follow.

April 2nd 10:18 AM: Match 82 is next. We will be on the red alliance. Stay tuned for results.

April 2nd 10:13 AM: We are on deck for Match 82. We will be on the red alliance.

April 2nd 10:02 AM: Match 77 Results: Blue Alliance Wins 62-52. We hung a few tubes, but our minibot didn’t deploy. Our alliance’s minibots worked well and that combined with several FIRST logos, led to a win. Our record is 4-4. We are 24th out of 58. Video of match will be up soon. Match 82 is our next match.

April 2nd 9:42 AM: Match 77 is next. We are on the blue alliance. Stay tuned for results!

April 2nd 8:25 AM: Welcome to day two of competition. We just had a quick driver’s meeting to discuss rules and procedures for the day. There will be 16 total matches today. Our ranking at the start of the day is 34th out of 58 and our record is 3-4. We are in Match 77, 82, and 88. Woody Flowers is here signing autographs and taking photos with people. Opening ceremonies start at 8:45 AM.

April 1st 8:04 PM: At the end of the day today, Team 501 ranked 34th out of 58 teams. Through 7 matches, our record is 3 wins, 4 losses, and no ties. We have three qualification matches left tomorrow. We hope everyone will join us on the live blog tomorrow. Thanks to all team members who commented on this blog. We hope that it helped fill the void of not being here. See everyone tomorrow. Go Team 501!

April 1st 6:53 PM: Team 501 didn’t win any awards. That’s it for today. Be back with a wrap up later on.

April 1st 6:18 PM: All matches are over. We rank 34th out of 58. Awards are next. Stay tuned.

April 1st 5:43 PM: The new Match 42 video is posted. Click here to watch it. Go to 2:50 to watch the minibot.

April 1st 5:35 PM: Click Here to watch the Match 61 video. We are re-uploading the Match 42 video in higher quality. The new video is also zoomed in, so the minibot can be seen better. The new Match 42 video link will be posted soon.

April 1st 5:18 PM: Match 61 Results: Red Alliance Wins 37-27. Wa hung a few tubes, but autonomous mode still didn’t work. Our minibot did not deploy. If it had deployed we would have won the match. The red alliance was just the stronger alliance in Match 61. Video to follow. Our record at the end of day 1 is 3-4. We have 3 matches tomorrow. Our ranking right now is 25th out of 58, but that could change as the final matches are played. Awards don’t start for about an hour. Stay tuned.

April 1st 4:46 PM: Click here to watch the Match 54 video. We’ve had a rule change. Robots must be powered on before entering the field to save time. Match 61 is next. We are on the blue alliance. Stay tuned for results.

April 1st 4:27 PM: Match 54 Results: Blue Alliance Wins 54-25. We hung two tubes, but our minibot did not attach to the pole. The blue alliance’s minibots were the deciding factor in this match. Our record is 3-3. Video will follow shortly. Match 61 will be our last match of the day.

April 1st 3:58 PM: Click here to watch the Match 42 video. Fast forward to 2:50 to see the minibot.

April 1st 3:31 PM: We are currently ranked 19th out of 58 teams with a record of 3-2 (top third of regional). Our next match is Match 54.

April 1st 3:14 PM: The Match 42 video may be a little while, as the video camera battery needs to be charged. It will be posted as soon as we can. Our next match is Match 54.

April 1st 3:06 PM: Match 42 Results Blue Alliance 81-6. You know how they say practice makes perfect? Well, we were just about flawless in Match 42. Autonomous mode didn’t work and we dropped a tube, but it didn’t matter. We hung another tube, but the best part was that the minibot climbed the pole for the first time! Our record is now 3-2. We are definitely getting better as the day goes on and the minibot is just another encouraging sign!

April 1st 3:05 PM: Click here to see the Match 36 video.

April 1st 2:51 PM: Match 42 is next. We are on the blue alliance. Stay tuned for results!

April 1st: Match 36 Results: Red Alliance Wins 57-27! We didn’t hang any tubes. However, our alliance played well overall and we won the match thanks to our alliance’s minibots.

April 1st 2:13 PM: Match 35 is going on now. Our next match is Match 36 so, we are on deck. We will be on the red alliance. Stay tuned for Match 36 results!

April 1st 1:43 PM: Our next match is Match 36. It looks like we will be on the red alliance. It isn’t happening for a while, but that gives a bunch of us time to recharge our devices!

April 1st 12:17 PM: Click here to watch the Match 23 video!

April 1st 12:10 PM: Earlier before Match 18, the announcer introduced our team and said “Oh and they have a great website too.” Awesome!!!

April 1st 12:01 PM: Blue Alliance Wins 64-0!: We hung an ubertube, but it fell off!!! We had our most effective match yet. We moved the field well and hung a couple tubes! Overall it was a great match! Our record is now 1-2! We are going on lunch break and we’ll be back at 1 PM. Match 23 Video to follow.

‘April 1st 11:52 AM: Photos from Match 18.

April 1st 11:50 AM: Match 23 is next. We are on the blue alliance. Stay tuned for results!

April 1st 11:47 AM: Click here to watch the Match 18 video.

April 1st 11:29 AM: Match 13 Results Blue Alliance Wins 69-32. We set up a strategy with the minibot, but it didn’t deploy. We will try again in Match 23. Our record is now 0-2. Video and robot photos to follow.

April 1st 11:17 AM: Match 17 is going on now. Match 18 is next and we are on deck. During Match 18 we will be on the red alliance. Stay tuned for match results and video.

April 1st 11:08 AM: Click here to watch a funny video of one of our mentors playing with the squirrel puppet mascot for our minibot.

April 1st 10:45 AM: Robot status update: We lost a chain on the wheels during Match 3, but we have fixed it. It turns out the minibot missed the pole by about 6 inches in Match 3. It should work right in Match 18. Match 13 is going on now, so Match 18 should be in about 20-25 minutes. Stay tuned!

April 1st 10:26 AM: An observation here: Many of the matches haven’t been close so far and in general the blue alliance is dominating. For example, the blue alliance just won Match 9 97-3! Our team plays again in about a half an hour during Match 18. We are currently on Match 10.

April 1st 10:06 AM: Match 3 Video is now uploaded. Click here to watch. Our record is 0-1.

April 1st 9:46 AM: Match 3 Results: Blue Alliance Wins 53-31. We almost hung a ubertube…literally we were 6 inches away! Our minibot deployed the wrong way, but we hung a circle tube! We were winning until the blue alliance deployed 2 minibots and won the match.

April 1st 9:32 AM: Match 2 is about to start. We are on deck, as we are in Match 3. We are on the red alliance during Match 3.

April 1st 9:26 AM: Opening ceremonies are over and Match 1 is starting. Here we go!

April 1st 8:45 AM: Opening ceremonies are starting. Here is the list of matches that we will be in today: Match 3 9:42 AM, Match 18 11:12 AM, Match 23 11:42 AM, Match 42 2:54 PM, Match 54 4:06 AM, Match 61 4:48 PM, Match 77 , Match 82, and Match 88. Match 77, 82, and 88 will happen tomorrow. The colors above correspond to our alliance color for that match. We are listening to a video from Dean and Woody.

April 1st 8:38 AM: Good morning everyone! Welcome to the first day of competition. Opening ceremonies start at 8:45 AM. The majority of our team is not here due to a snowstorm, so we will be posting videos of all Team 501 matches via YouTube. The blog will be updated more than usual so check back early and often.

March 31s 8:49 PM: We have fixed all major problems. Our robot should be fully functional tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, the official competition begins Friday. In case any visitors want to know the objective of the challenge: Logomotion, the game animation video is posted below. We hope you will join us tomorrow. Opening ceremonies begin at 8:45 AM.

[tubepress video=”DTJOXTIaa9g”]

March 31st 4:49 PM: A wire has broken in our robot’s arm. We are working hard to fix it, but we probably won’t be back on the field today. More updates to come!

March 31st 4:04 PM: Our robot is entering the field. We expect everything to be working properly. Stay tuned for results.

March 31st 3:10 PM: While a bunch of us were out to lunch, our team hung two ubertubes. Unfortunately, our arm stopped working afterwards. Luckily, our head programming mentor knows how to fix the problem. We should have all parts of the robot fully functional for our last practice match in about two hours.

March 31st 2:35 PM: Our team members

March 31st 2:09 PM: We have been fully inspected, so we can go on the field as much as we want. Our team has worked very hard and we have fixed all major issues. Our robot was just on the field and we focused on the minibot. Unfortunately, it didn’t deploy. We’ll try it again soon. We have had a very good day so far today.

March 31st 12:00 PM: Photos of the field.


March 31st 11:30 AM: We almost hung a tube in autonomous mode. The sensors are definitely working better than the Granite State Regional. We did not hang any tubes with the arm. The minibot did not deploy yet, but we’ll keep working on it. Things are looking good for Team 501!

March 31st 11:16 AM: We were supposed to come out during Match 5, but we ran into some technical difficulties with our arm We fixed the problems and our robot is out on the field for Match 11, which is up next.

March 31st 10:45 AM: Welcome to the 2011 Northeast Utilities FIRST Connecticut Regional. We have seen a few matches so far and they have gone well. Our team is working on the minibot deployer. Thank you to Trinity Robotics Team 40 for allowing our team to use their minibot. We hope to be on the field soon, testing the minibot and its deployer out.