Don Jansen, 65, second from the left, passed away Monday, August 10, 2015

The Powerknights are sad to announce the passing of Don Jansen, our former lead engineering mentor from ~1998 to 2000. Don mentored the team when we were Blue Lighting, Team 146. Don worked at what was then known as the Public Service Company of New Hampshire, our former primary sponsor.

Don, as remembered by one of his students:

Don mentored Team 146 for many years and changed countless lives, my own included.
Don was always smiling and always had something encouraging to say. He was a fantastic mentor
and an even better person. Don taught us about robotics but more importantly he taught us to
believe in ourselves and our abilities. He taught us that competing with gracious professionalism
is more important than winning. He was exactly what a FIRST Mentor should be.
He will be remembered fondly.

Don’s obituary can be found here