The Last All Team Meeting of 2016. Are you ready?

December 14th. Dyn. 7pm. Be there, or be absent. 

We’ll be going over BoB, WIST and the Christmas Parade.

We’ll be doing team elections, discussing kickoff, the raffle calendar, and other business.

All Parents and Students should be present for this meeting. We will be covering all activities going into Build Season as well as needed assistance from everyone. 

Remember that Raffle Calendar Donations must be handed in at this meeting!!!



150 Dow Street, Tower 2
Manchester, NH 03101

From the West side, take Bridge Street, East towards Manchester. Take a left onto Elm St (headed North).
Take an almost immediate left onto Kidder Street. Go straight through the light on Canal. Take a right into the long parking lot.
Tower two is the one with the large facade. Be cautious of speedbumps – they will ruin your day. Watch for ice in the parking lot.

Here is a map showing where you can find Dyn:
Dyn Map