Team 501 participated in the Christmas parade in Manchester this year.  This year we built a frame out of PBC pipes that we decorated with Christmas lights.  We also decorated the robot with lights.  The final touch was three giant candy canes that we hung from the PBC pipes.  After the robot was decorated, the biggest challenge was staying warm and occupied.  We talked to Milo the moose, the Morning buzz, and other people walking around.  Finally, we saw people start to move and we got ready to go.  We grabbed our, “Power Knights Team 501” sign and waited for what seemed like forever. We finally began to move down the street and waved to people standing on the sidewalks.  Many people cheered when we went by and we returned the favor and cheered back.  More and more people cheered, which took the team by surprise because we never had so many people recognize us for what we do and what we have accomplished in years past.  What made us all happy were the kids that were saying, “That’s so cool”, I want to do that”, “When can I join”, etc.  It was awesome to hear so many people interested in joining the team in the future and I hope that they do end up joining the team.