Bell Ringing

On December 20th and 21st, members of our team took part in Salvation Army Bell Ringing at Walmart and Kmart in Hooksett, NH. We rang for about  two hours each day, and although it was cold, we had a lot of fun. We also made a lot of people happy. One of our students dressed up as Santa and entertained young kids. Both fundraisers we very successful and we received a lot of support from the community. Thanks to all that took part and donated to the Salvation Army. Happy holidays everyone!

Selling Cash Calendars at Shaw’s

On November 14, 2010, Team 501 sold cash calendars at the Shaw’s in Goffstown, New Hampshire.  Students and adults took part of this fundraiser.  Overall the fundraiser was a big success.  As a team, we sold 53 cash calendars and made $382.53 through the cash calendars and donations.  Everyone enjoyed selling the cash calendars and we thank all who bought a cash calendar and helped support our team.  The winners will be drawn in January.  Good luck to all who entered!

River Rage

Team members at River Rage!

The 2010 River Rage competition was another success.   Many teams came and participated in the competition.  The winners were teams 172, 20, and 175.  All the teams had fun screaming and yelling for their teams and other teams.  Team members had fun dancing and singing along to the music and meeting people from other teams.  Everyone was really friendly.  Food and beverages were sold in the café, which was located in the pit area.  Team 501 personally thanks everyone who participated in this year’s River Rage, especially all the volunteers whose participation enabled this competition to be run this year.  We hope to see more teams and more volunteers participating next year!


Machining classes are taking place at West High School for team 501 members.  This class is on Wednesdays from 3:30 to 4:30pm.  This class teaches the students that participate many different machining terms and how machining originated.  It also teaches the students how to set up a cutting tool, how to operate each step, and other machining steps.  For many students this class is helpful and useful, for when the big robot needs to be designed.  For other students they just go to learn about what is involved in machining parts.


Vex classes are being held at Goffstown and West High Schools.  Goffstown High School holds classes on Tuesdays from 3:10pm to 4:30pm.  West High School holds classes on Wednesdays from 3:10pm to 4:30pm.  These classes help students learn how to build small robots.  Students also learn about parts and tools used to build the big robot for the competitions.  This class is a great introduction to robotics for students who want to build the big robot after the competition has been announced.  So far, both classes at West and Goffstown have been doing inventory to see how many kits have all the parts and pieces.