October All Team Meeting – GHS – Wednesday 10/14 7:00pm

This month’s meeting with be at GHS, as Dyn was unable to accommodate us … GHS is located at 27 Wallace Road, Goffstown, NH 03045. The driveway is one way around the front of the school. When you turn in off Wallace Road, park right in that end of the parking lot, and go in through the set of doors at that end of the building. We right at the top of the stairs on the second floor. Someone will be at the door to let you in and direct you to the location.

Our monthly meeting coincides with FIRST releasing the first of this year’s game hints. (For those of you new to FIRST, this is when they release really obscure hints as to what the game will be.) However, this year they are going to have a video hint streamed at 9:00, so we will have a Game Hint Watching Party from 9:00 to NLT 9:30 if you can stay later than 9:00. After we watch the hint, we will try to figure out what it means.

Remember parents are invited and encouraged to attend (especially with RiverRage signups) … And everyone should have been trying to find a friend or classmate to bring that they think might be interested in joining the team.

Wanted – Artists, Programmers, Tinkerers, Gamers, Business People, Makers

It’s not all about robots! It take a lot to make a team like ours work.

Do you enjoy art? We need artists and authors to help with website, robot graphics, t-shirt design, logos and team art.

Like making stuff? We make a lot of stuff; metal, wood, electronics, you name it, we dabble in it.

Do you have a business mind? We need your help! It takes a LOT of money to run a team like ours. Have you ever done a fundraiser? Have great fundraising ideas?

Do you have mad Xbox or Playstation skills? Time and time again, we’ve seen the best gamers are usually the best robot drivers. Get your twitch on with a 120 pound multi-thousand dollar robot.

All Team Meeting – Wednesday, Sept 9, 7pm, Dyn!

There will be an All Team Meeting on Wednesday, September 9th at 7:00pm at Dyn!

Dyn is located at 150 Dow Street, Tower 2 in Manchester.
It is the large mill building to the south of Fratellos, the entrance is the large brick facade and ramp in front.

Hopefully you have all had a wonderful summer of relaxation and time off and are now ready to get started with the next season of robotics!

We will have some new team members there, so be sure to make them feel welcome.

If you have a friend (or two, or three) that you think would be interested,
bring them along too. With the seniors we lost to graduation, and the team
wanting to be bigger and more active this year (including fund raising),
everyone is going to need to try and find someone to join and become an
active participant.

New England District Championship Photos Posted

We’ve posted our photos from the New England District Championship at WPI.

We placed 4th in all of New England! Our team also qualified for the FIRST World Championships (15th overall NE) however we passed on this opportunity due to logistics and the massive financial cost. We are PUMPED UP by our successes this year and we are moving forward in the off-season on our business plan other projects.

UNH District Event – DISTRICT WINNERS!!!

For the first time since 2007, Team 501 The Powerknights have brought home a Winner’s Banner.

We ended qualification matches ranked 33 out of 40. The qualification ranking system severely undervalued our team. Along with the 9th seed and 30th seed, we formed the 6th alliance and advanced through the quarterfinals and the semifinals.

The final matches were some of the most strange and dramatic that FIRST has ever seen.
Much like Superbowl 47 in 2013, the lights went out half way through the first match, and the match was re-run. During the replay, a player’s ID button came off and prevented the legal scoring of a large number of points, something which may have never occurred before in FIRST’s 24 year history.

All pictures are copyright Martin Abbott.