The Year Has Begun

The 2012-2013 school has kicked off and so has Team 501! We held a recruitment meeting on September 20th and we will be holding our first official meeting this coming Thursday. This is going to be an exciting year for our team. While build season is still a few months away, our team has numerous things to do before it begins. Our website committee has already been hard at work analyzing what needs to be done for this year’s website. Several members of our team attended Goffstown High School’s Open House with last year’s robot as we try to interest new students. We also planning several exciting fundraising opportunities. Finally, we are preparing for Rier Rage, a local offseason competition coming up in a few weeks. For more information about River Rage, click here. It’s going to be a great year!

Go Team 501

Upcoming Events

Despite the 2012 competition season coming to an end, students on Team 501 know that an FRC season never really ends. We have planned to attend several upcoming local competitions. This year, our team plans to attend the 13th annual BattleCry Robotics Competition at WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute). The event will take place on May 18-19, 2012 and it will be the first time that our team has participated in this particular offseason event. BattleCry aims to create as close to a real FRC experience as possible, including lights, sounds, and a full arena-like atmosphere. BattleCry features 48 teams, mostly from the New England area. To find out more about BattleCry, click here.

In early June, our team will once again attendĀ Mayhem in Merrimack at Merrimack High School in Merrimack, New Hampshire. This will be the 5th year our Team has attended this event. Unlike BattleCry, Mayhem in Merrimack is a smaller, more casual offseason event. Our team uses the event as an opportunity to meet new teams, get new ideas, and to allow anyone on our team the opportunity to drive our 2012 robot. Mayhem in Merrimack is always a great time for our team and our members are really looking forward to it. Mayhem in Merrimack consists of up to 24 teams and will take place on June 2nd, 2012. For more information about Mayhem in Merrimack, click here.

In addition to offseason competitions, our team continues to update our website in preparation for its competition at the 2012 FRC Championship in St. Louis. Finally, we have planned two team parties to take place over the summer, as well as thinking about summer fundraising options. We had a great competition season this year and we are looking forward to the future.

Go Team 501!

River Rage 15 Live Blog

3:39 PM: Before we end this live blog, we’d thought we share some pictures from today’s event. Enjoy the photos and thanks for following along with us today. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and we’ll see you next year.


2:25 PM: We lost our second elimination match by a hair 39-38. We hung some tubes again and we were in the lead until the blue alliance deployed a minibot. Thanks for following along today. We received a participation award We may win another award at the awards ceremony later on. If so, we’ll post it here
2:25 PM: Elimination match 2 is beginning. Stay tuned!
12:34 PM: Match 24 Results: Red alliance wins 103-35. This match was decided by the minibots. Our team hung 4 of the 7 tubes in this match. If we win the next match we’re in. We will be on the blue alliance. Stay tuned.
1:53 PM: Elimination matches are set up as Double Elimination. The losers of this match go to the losers bracket and do not get immediately eliminated. We are on the blue alliance. Go Team 501!
1:46 PM: Our robot is fixed! Thank goodness for our great mentors and build team. Elimination matches are about to begin and we are on the field. Stay tuned. Go Team 501!
1:25 PM: Our robot is having mechanical issues. We hope to have it running soon. Stay tuned.
12:34 PM: Match 24 Results: Blue alliance wins 103-75. This match was close and it came down to minibots…three of them were deployed between the two alliances. Our next match is Match 26…the last qualifying match of the day. We will be on the blue alliance. Stay tuned.
12:34 AM: Match 18 Results: Blue alliance wins 80-3. The blue alliance was clearly better in this match, but nothing is wrong with our robot and it’s performing well. Our next match is Match 24. We will be on the red alliance. Stay tuned.
10:21 AM: Match 12 Results: Blue alliance wins 38-21. It was a close match and the blue alliance just edged the red alliance. Our robot is still performing well. Our next match will be Match 18. Stay tuned.
11:06 AM: Match 12 is next. We will be on the red alliance. Stay turned.
10:37 AM: Our next match will be Match 12. We will be on the red alliance. Stay turned.
10:21 AM: Match 6 Results: Blue alliance wins 50-5. Our robot performed well, and our other alliance partners deployed two minibots to win Match 6. Our robot and new grabber are working well.
10:10 AM: Our next match will be Match 6. We will be on the blue alliance. Stay turned. We are on deck
9:48 AM: Match 3 Results: Red alliance wins 35-12. Our robot hung two tubes with the new grabber and we performed well overall. However, the other alliance was just a bit stronger, as they deployed a minibot. Looking good so far. Stay tuned.
9:23 AM: Match 3 is next. We are on the blue alliance. Stay tuned for results
9:23 AM: We are on deck. Stay tuned for Match results.

8:51 AM: Opening ceremonies are beginning. Match list will follow.

7:56 AM: Below is a picture of our robot with the new grabber.

7:10 AM: Welcome to Team 501’s coverage of River Rage 15. we will be live blogging throughout the day. Follow us on Twitter for even more updates. The event begins at 9 am. See you then.