This past weekend, Team 501 participated in our second ever “Bowlathon” fundraiser at Merrimack Ten Pin. We had a fantastic turn out, with 39 bowlers coming out to support us. The event was equally successful at the 50/50 raffle table, where not only did we sell tickets, but also spread the word of FIRST and our team. After all, fundraisers are a great way to maintain a presence in our local community, as well as providing financial support. We will post pictures from the event below. Stay tuned for more upcoming events from our team and follow us on Twitter @FRCTeam501.

Go Team 501!

Margaritas Fundraiser

Earlier this month, our team participated in a fundraiser and Margaritas exican Restaurant on Elm Street. We distributed handbills in the weeks leading up to the fundraiser and we were amazed with the incredible turnout. Both students and staff from Goffstown High School, as well as employees from our corporate sponsors came out to support us. At our raffle table, our team members saw both familiar faces and new supporters. Our team members were in high spirits the entire night and the packed dining room seemed to be having a blast. Overall, it was a very successful event and thanks to our success, we have decided to do it again in the near future!

The Year Has Begun

The 2012-2013 school has kicked off and so has Team 501! We held a recruitment meeting on September 20th and we will be holding our first official meeting this coming Thursday. This is going to be an exciting year for our team. While build season is still a few months away, our team has numerous things to do before it begins. Our website committee has already been hard at work analyzing what needs to be done for this year’s website. Several members of our team attended Goffstown High School’s Open House with last year’s robot as we try to interest new students. We also planning several exciting fundraising opportunities. Finally, we are preparing for Rier Rage, a local offseason competition coming up in a few weeks. For more information about River Rage, click here. It’s going to be a great year!

Go Team 501

Cash Calendar Sales

The Cash Calendar sales were very successful. Cash calendars are a fundraiser in which people purchase a calendar for the month of January and a name is picked out for each day in the month of January. Every day of January has a cash prize of various amounts. Our first sale was successful at selling calendars, while our second sale was even better. At our second sale the robot, Bullwinkle, was there which helped to attract a crowd of both people who wanted to donate and people who wanted to simply learn about FIRST Robotics Team 501 or robotics in general. Our Cash Calendar sales were great; they not only raised funds for the team, but they also helped to spread the word of FIRST Robotics.

Cash Calendar Sales

Team 501 was selling cash calendars at Shaw’s on November 5th and November 13th.  The cash calendar sale is a fundraiser that Team 501 has been doing for many years and by far is our biggest fundraiser.  On November 5th a group of team members were telling Shaw’s customers about the team and about robotics in general.  On November 13th we were able to bring in our previous robot and show Shaw’s customers our robot and what we learned.  It also allowed a lot of people to understand what robotics is all about and what we actually do on the team.  More people donated money to the team when they actually saw the robot.