Raffle Calendar Donations

The list of businesses visited and prizes secured is pretty short at this time … hopefully everyone is just not bothering to update the list after they get something … don’t forget this is a required activity / mandatory fundraiser for the team – and is due this Wednesday at the December All Team Meeting.  We’re re-sending the original email from a couple of weeks ago to remind everyone about it.

Hi Team,

If you missed the last team meeting, then you may not have heard about the current team fundraiser we are working on. This is a mandatory fundraiser, so please read all the info and let me know if you have any questions (tracy@shine516.net).




The team is going to be selling raffle calendars for the month of February. Before we can create the calendar we need to get prizes donated for each day of the month.


Every student member is expected to collect at least 1 donated prize valued at $25 or more. Prizes can be gift certificates, movie passes, gift baskets, etc.

All donations are due to be turned in at the December 14th all team meeting.

Where can you get your donations from? Please stay local – Manchester, Goffstown, Bedford and Hooksett.  Approach businesses that you like to go to – if you shop there, your friends and family probably do too.

Here are some ideas of where to ask:

      Grocery stores (everyone needs to eat)                Restaurants (more eating)

Bakeries (yum!)                                                 Hair salons (You look Mahvelous!)

Gas stations (free gas is awesome)                     Movie theaters (robot research project)

Book stores (yes paper books are still available)   Clothing stores (need new jeans)

Fitness centers (to fit into your new jeans)           Craft stores (time to get crafty)

Hardware stores (tools are always good)              Florists (pretty flowers)


Tips for asking for donations

  1. Wear a team t-shirt if you have one.
  2. Try to visit during a slower time for the business so they have time to talk to you.
  3. Ask to speak with a manager or the owner.
  4. Introduce yourself – Hello, my name is __________.
  5. Explain who you are representing – I am a member of The PowerKnights, FIRST Robotics Team 501.
  6. Describe who is on our team – Our team has students from Manchester and Goffstown.
  7. Describe what we are collecting donationsfor – We are putting together a raffle calendar for February and I am collecting donations to use for the calendar.
  8. Describe what the funds are going to be applied to – The money we raise is going to help us with travel expenses to one of our competitions in Boston.
  9. Ask for a donation- Would you be willing to donate to our team?
  10. Regardless of the outcome, thank them for their time!


***Incentive ***
For every $25 prize you get donated, your name will be added to a drawing to go to the live kick-off event at Southern New Hampshire University.


Click here for the letter that has our tax ID number. Most businesses will need a copy of this letter in order to donate.




After you have talked to a business, please visit this googledoc and fill in where you went and the result so that we don’t have several students go to the same business.