Krispy Kreme Fundraiser and Pumpkin Regatta

As we briefly talked about at the last All Team Meeting, the PowerKnights will be holding a Krispy Kreme fundraiser in conjunction with an exhibit/demo at the Goffstown Pumpkin Regatta.
The money for the pre-sales should be collected as orders are taken.   Arrangements will be made to collect the pre-sales orders and money from each of you (on the weekend of Sun Oct 9th), so that we know how many dozens to order.  Our official order needs to be placed with Krispy Kreme on Monday, October 10th.
Delivery date of the doughnuts will be Saturday, Oct 15th.  In order to deliver the freshest product, the orders that you take will need to picked up on that day.  So, as you are selling the doughnuts, you can tell your customers that their doughnuts can be picked up at the Pumpkin Regatta, or we will connect with you on the 15th so that you can hand deliver them yourselves.  You should keep track of where customers want delivery of their doughnuts, so we can coordinate how many dozens we need to get to you, or keep at the Pumpkin Regatta.  **(Pre-sale orders can continue past Sunday, October 9th, but we just won’t be able to connect with you to collect pre-sales money until October 15th, when the doughnuts are available.)

This is open to all students, parents and mentors… so try and sell, sell, sell.

Here is the pre-sales order form to download

Also, we would love to have helpers to demonstrate the robot and talk up the team.  The Pumpkin Regatta runs on Saturday, October 15th from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm AND on Sunday, October 16th from10:30 am to 4:30 pm.  We would love to have some warm bodies come down to help out.  Even if you can only come for a couple of hours, your company would be extremely appreciated.  If you’re wondering what’s involved, it’s merely talking with people about our team and showing them how our robot works (and of course, selling doughnuts too).
Please respond to Mrs. Anderson at if you have any questions, or to sign up to help and to let her know you got this email.
Thanks!  Go Team 501!