Build Season 2015 Update #1

20150104_110620Brainstorming is going well so far! A massive “thank you” to Dyn and all our parents for hosting us and for feeding us 16 tons of sugar! 🙂 Recycle Rush is turning out to be a very interesting challenge. Our team is really getting into it. Totes and Barrels and Noodles! Oh my!

Team Forms

Team Forms if not already complete MUST be completed by the end of the day Saturday, January 3rd at Kickoff.

If your forms are not done by Saturday evening before we leave Kickoff Day One, you will NOT be able to participate afterwards until they are completed.

RiverRage 18!

We’ll see you this weekend at RiverRage 18!

Team Members should be at Goffstown HS at 7:00am on Saturday.

Some team members will be needed Friday night for setup. You should have already signed up. See team emails for more information on this!

Dress up crazy! We’re hoping for some great Halloween costumes. We’ve had starwars and video games and great stuff in the past.

Bring cash for food. We’ll be having our regular wares for sale in the cafe – pizza, burgers, soda, sweets, chili.. All the great stuff you crave!

Stay late to help break down. We’re going to need a lot of help to tear down at the end of the day. Stay late and be awesome.

2014 Christmas Parade

It was so much fun setting up and marching in the parade Saturday! There’s nothing cuter than giving little kids candy canes!!!

We do, however, want to hear your feedback about the day! For the next All Team meeting, please bring any ideas you have to improve the float for next year, and ideas for additional tools/supplies you think we should bring and have on hand for the day! Also, we’d like to offer a special “shoutout” to Mr. Dodge for bringing the small space heater that gave us some warmth!!

Original Post:

This year’s Christmas Parade in Manchester will be December 6th.

Team 501 will be doing our annual march down Elm Street!

Bring your team garb (or anything royal blue), your coats, scarves, and maybe umbrellas. It’s always a wild ride and make sure to watch out for Reindeer Poo!

We need float decorations!

We’d love donations of blue and white lights and garland.

Lexx and Lizz also need your help with candycanes and labels!

We need to be at Brady Sullivan Tower at 10:00 with the float.
We will decorate until we are done and then head to Dyn to have lunch, play games, and warm up.
We need to be back to the float for 2:00pm for judging.
The parade starts moving around 4:00 and should be done by 6:00.

We’ll have more details coming out through email in the coming days.

Please Help – We’ve lost our trailer that we’ve been using in years past to show off our robots and Arthur, our giant parade robot. If you know someone with a similar trailer either to borrow or maybe even for sale, let a mentor know.

September All Team Meeting

Our September All Team Meeting will be September 10th at 7pm at Dyn in Manchester.
If you are an incoming freshman, please bring a parent. If you know incoming freshmen, have them bring a parent if possible.

The address is 150 Dow Street.

Please enter Dyn from the lower rear entrance. We will have team members in shirts directing members and newbies.

This post will be updated as we approach the date.